Christians UNITE for Marriage!

Christians Unite for MarriageMy hand is out reached to you today. I am Catholic. You might be Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian. But we are Christians. You see, my heart is heavy and you might know why. Ever since the SCOTUS ruling last Friday I find myself with a weight on my heart. Worrying and wondering about the divisions of this great nation.

Our silence and acceptance has brought us to this point. These fundamental changes in our country’s laws will open up an anti-Christian culture. Morality will continue to decline. Our children will be at risk to the sexually empowered environment they will be surrounded by. Use your voice and your example to stand for His truth. Encourage traditional marriage. Let not our generation be the one that fell silent to sin. Because one day we each will answer the question, “What have you done for my kingdom, good and faithful servant?”

We must bridge together and face the opposition united. Now more than ever we need one another! Denominations are our biggest flaw. Let us come together as brothers and sisters in Christ with the utmost love and compassion to proclaim His truth. Hallelujah, He is King!!!

What denomination are you?

Where do your friends call their church home?

How can we do a better job of working together?

Blessings! xo Janalin

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