Summer Series Week 2: Front Landscaping

Front Landscaping

Raised Bed Gardening with Kids Summer Series 2016So second week into a blog post series and I am already going to deviate from my title.  Yikes!  But with not much going on and it being planting season I thought I would share what we are working on as well as ask for YOUR help!

Week 2 Garden Photo


Obligatory weekly photo of the garden.  The grass seems to be the only thing showing real growth!  Ha!  I hope our lawn guy, Jason, comes soon!


Knock Out Roses  But the real reason for the landscaping post… I have been talking about my front landscaping, and my dislike for the lack there of, for years now.  Two years ago I was given some gorgeous hydrangeas and planted them under our dining room window.  But the western sun has proved to be to direct on them once summer hits.  I am all about low maintenance and had read about how knockout roses were tolerant of the direct sun.  So last week after a trip to the nursery with grandma the kids came home with roses for me!  I was excited!  Front Landscaping

But here is my question for you… Where do I move the hydrangeas to?  I want to save them but they need shade.  My two choices are:  1) Under my office window (left part of the house in this photo)

2)Or in the backyard along the back fence where my peonies are.

My first thought was #2 since I really wanted uniformity all along the front of the house. BUT I will risk killing my favorite flower, the peonies, if I replant now (just as they are about to bloom.)

Your recommendations are appreciated!!!


Last year I got a old fashioned (looking) mailbox for my birthday!  We will make it pretty with some annuals this year.

RocksAnd next week I will blog about a garden project with these rocks.  Can you guess what we are painting them for?

Raised Bed Gardens with Kids

Gardening with Kids

Raised Bed Gardens with Kids



















So how is life with four kids now you ask?  Well… honestly, it’s crazy.  Crazy good!  I don’t have much time to be bored these days.  That is a fact!!  But we do need something productive for all the busy hands to do over the summer and I figure we can get a little science done outdoors :)

Gardening with Kids

Over the weekend we prepared our garden.  This is our fourth? year with the raised beds.  In addition to the raised beds we also have strawberries (you can see a corner of the strawberry patch on the right side of this photo), pumpkins, sunflowers, and watermelon that are planted straight into the ground.

I had an idea to use cattle panels in an arch shape from one bed to the next to trellis the vine plants.  Part of this idea was practical to get the vines up off the ground… but the main reason was to create a fun tunnel space for the kids to play in.  :)

Gardening with Kids

See?  It’s going to be FUN!

Gardening with Kids

We did actually have to get some work done though.  This year we planted (8) slicing tomato plants, (4) cherry tomato plants, and several bell and banana peppers.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening has been a great way to get some hands on work for the kids.  I grew up on a small ranch and one of my parenting goals is to bring as much of that experience to our family as possible even though we live in town.

Gardening with Kids

This is how the garden looked at the end of the day.  Not too impressive.  But we are very excited to water the plants, weed the garden as necessary, and eat the products of our hard work!

I will try to post a few photos each Monday of what we have been doing in the garden and you can follow along to see it grow!  Happy Spring!