Project 52:4 {Handsome}

Project 52 by Janalin Hood

Project 52 by Janalin Hood

As part of a personal project documenting my memories of this place in my life called motherhood I am doing a 52 week journal, called Project 52.  I encourage you to join me in preserving ever fleeting memories.  If you wish to join and have a link to your project, please leave a link in the comments.  A year from now you will wish you had started today.  xo


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The Gift of Pregnancy

Maternity Photo Inspiration

Maternity Photo Inspiration  www.janalinhood.commy maternity inspiration board


Dear Baby Boy,

I have so many things on my mind. What still needs put away, cleaned, or done before you get here. And yet all I want to do is take photographs and soak in every minute of this miracle. How has it been nine months already? As anxious as I am to hold you in my arms I am wanting to relish in the present. The gift of you swimming inside me. The gift of your amazing brother and sister that I let stay up way too late last night snuggling in the bed with me.


Emotions are high when I think that these could be the last days I ever have a baby in my belly. The last times to feel those punches and kicks… the last days I can rub your precious little life inside me. Because I don’t know that there will be another baby… that the Lord would grant us with another.  Six years ago I couldn’t wait to be not pregnant.  To be more comfortable.  To be skinny again.  But I am older and wiser now.  Skinny jeans will come and getting up from playing on the floor will get easier.  For now, this is bliss.  I love you little fish.

XO Mama

Project 52:3 {Love}

Project 52:3 {Love}

Project 52:3 {Love}

Photo from our family maternity session by my dear- and uber talented- friend Jennifer Han. 

As part of a personal project documenting my memories of this place in my life called motherhood I am doing a 52 week journal, called Project 52.  I encourage you to join me in preserving ever fleeting memories.  If you wish to join and have a link to your project, please leave a link in the comments.  A year from now you will wish you had started today.  xo


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Modern Scrapbooking

Modern Scrapbooking Ideas from Janalin Hood

Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodOne of my biggest personal goals is to get our family memories in the places that they should be.  Photos Printed.  Albums on the Shelf.  Portraits on the Wall.  Keepsakes Safely Stored. And yet, there is this personal struggle of how and where to start.  Memories are more than just the digital photos stored on my hard drive.  I want our story to be tangible for future generations to come. Here is where I am starting with our own personal storytelling. Starting with making some general rules on what I want and what format it should be.

PHOTOS:Family Album: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodAlbum

A Family Album (12×12 book) printed yearly that includes big camera, point and shoot, and iphone images.  Includes notes from mama, weather screenshots, detail images of our family inside our home.  Inspired by Project Life, but in a much looser, and attainable for me, format.

Vacation Album: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodAlbum

Vacation Albums (various sizes) printed with a fun color/theme following the trip.

Mama Journal (10×8 book) printed yearly documenting one photo per week and notes about what I am feeling/ wanting to remember.

A day in the life photos: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodDay in the Life

Hour by Hour photos.  A day in the life of our family.  A once (or twice) yearly small book documenting the everyday.

Family Heritage Photo:  Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodGenerations

Generation Photos-  Having printed photos out of generations past to remind us all of our heritage.

Birthday Book-  A 5×7 Peel and Stick album that features one current image and the yearly interview.

Birthday Album- (Various sizes).  Printed with images all taken from a session

Baby Album- I have never found one I am happy with… so I have all sorts of notes and images that I am going to try to make some albums with.  Wish me luck!  :)

Current portrait on Wall-  because they should be!

Fridge Photos: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodSnapshots

Snapshots on Fridge- Stickygram makes some amazing ready to stick images from your Instagram!  Otherwise you can print photos and use peel and stick magnets for an easy DIY!


Home Video: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin HoodVideo

Monthly Video Clips set to music of the current events.  Be sure and highlight children individually, and through interview.  Compile all at the end of the year for the annual DVD (maybe to be watched at New Year’s Eve?)


Keep cards, letters and keepsakes in individual boxes.

Quotable Book: Modern Scrapbooking with Janalin Hood

Quoteable Book

Make a Quoteable Book for each child.  Write observations and notes of love as well as their funny sayings.

Write Love Letters for the children to open in the future.  For sure on their birthday and also as the moment strikes.

Have a Cedar Chest to store keepsakes such as my wedding dress, baptism outfits, handmade quilts, etc.

Modern Scrapbooking Ideas from Janalin HoodRuler

Wall Ruler:  Documenting our children’s growth by making a tradition of marking their height on the ruler at their birthday party.

My aspirations are high!  And I know I won’t get them all caught up with as quickly as I would like.  But to keep myself accountable I will be sharing a minimum of one project a month with you on my progress.

What has inspired you?  Are you planning on doing something with those digital images? 




Project 52:2 {Letting Go}

Project 52:2 Motherhood

Project 52:2 MotherhoodAs part of a personal project documenting my memories of this place in my life called motherhood I am doing a 52 week journal, called Project 52.  I encourage you to join me in preserving ever fleeting memories.  A year from now you will wish you had started today.  xo


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Winter Pregnancy

Winter PregnancyEnjoying the snow while it lasts on a day above freezing.  Happy Wednesday! XO

PS- Here’s proof you can get by without a Maternity Coat like I mentioned here.

Project 52:1 {Anticipation}

Motherhood is: anticipation
Motherhood is: anticipation

Motherhood is: anticipation

Shawna at Styleberry did a motherhood Project 52 in 2011 and I adored it.  It was the perfect  mama journal of sorts.  I have been loving the idea of this once weekly image and words of reflection to document these fleeting moments we get to call life.  So this year as part of my GOALS I am making a book themed as motherhood.  Mostly for me to enjoy… but I have a hunch that the kids will like to look back upon it as well!

I will be posting my Project 52 every Friday.  Would you like to join me on this journey to document the little moments in your life?   Comment and leave me a link to your blog and we can link to one another!

**Update:  I am making these pages in photoshop with a template to print with Blurb at the end of the year.  If you are interested in the template, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send it to you!


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The Nursery


Setting up the nursery is one of the most fun things to prepare for baby!   When we were choosing furniture and decor six and a half years ago I also remember how intimidating it was.  There was SO MUCH cute stuff out there, and much of it outrageously expensive.  We knew we were having a girl at the time and were trying to keep it gender neutral but I was not totally able to stay off the pink-frill-train.

Fast forward a few years.  We had moved and were expecting a boy.  I put up the same pretty green wallpaper in the nursery and handsome hubby got everything moved in… but somehow it looked REALLY girly.  I was working at the time and didn’t have the time to dedicate to updating it for our little guy.  So we left it basically as it was… changed the crib sheet to blue and went with it.   The entire time I would sit nursing in the glider I would think about how I wanted to change the room, but never got to it.

This pregnancy is quickly coming to a close.  A big part of my New Year’s GOALS are to complete the rooms in our house that didn’t get decorated when we moved in sooner than anticipated.  (Note to self:  Never move into an unfinished house!)  So the nursery is first up on the list.  Here is a tour of the space in it’s current condition.

The Nursery |

The chair is a glider hand-me-down from Handsome Hubby’s great grandmother.  I love, love, love the history in that.  When we were asked if we would like to have it for the nursery several years ago it was a medium brown wood glider with hunter green fabric.  We decided to have it recovered (an awesome gift from my in-laws!) and we selected an heirloom looking quilt from JCPenney as well as coordinating skirting fabric.  This chair by far is my favorite piece in the nursery.  As you can see it is pretty pink.  I am going to try my hand at making a slip cover for this baby boy.  Something off white with a navy piping I believe!

Floral Lampshade

The lampshade I made!  This is really simple if you want to try it.  I picked up an inexpensive simple shaped shade and then placed the silk floral tips one at a time, poking a hole in the shade to set them in as I went.  You can’t beat a “fresh” bouquet greeting you in the nursery for late night feedings if you ask me!

Nursery ChandelierThe chandelier.  A gift from last Christmas that I was shocked to receive.  I had been at an estate sale in town and had fallen in love.  I most likely was swooning about it because I had absolutely no idea that it would eventually be mine.  LOVE!

Posh Tots Iron CribThe iron crib was a splurge.  I wanted to have something that would last through several children and would be an heirloom piece.  It is no longer available from Posh Tots but you can find a similar one here.  We had a crib bedding set (skirt and bumper) made to match the glider chair and I will be re-making something else that will be a bit more boy-ish this time.

Nursery ArmoireThe armoire is a central storage station since this room does not have a closet.  All of the baby’s clothing I keep folded and organized by size in the drawers of the changing table but this serves well to hold blankets,  carriers, the breast pump, toys, and a surplus of diapering supplies.

Changing TableAnd the changing table.  I need to have it  pulled to the left and move the laundry to the right (also where my trash can will be).  I like that set up because I am right handed and it makes it closer for me to reach as well as it hides the dirty laundry in the corner a bit more.

All of my furniture and decor selections were done back before Pinterest.   If you are in the planning stages for a nursery here are two of my favorites for inspiration: Lay Baby Lay and Project Nursery.

PS-  I cannot stress enough, if you are decorating a nursery for the first time-be intentional about your selections.  Babies grow out of their rooms SO. FAST.  In the blink of an eye.  Don’t overspend. Make sure that what you do select will easily work for future children or will grow with them!   Don’t stress too much… that nursery will be perfect as long as they have you to hold them and love them.


For this child I prayed

For this child

For this childFor the first time I stood shaking with a pregnancy test in my hands and joy in my heart.  Tears streamed down my face as I prayed that this child would be His and that I be a blessing and teacher to this child for His will.

No, this is not the story of my first pregnancy.  I am ashamed to say that until this past year of my life I have taken children and the ability to have them for granted.  Our first pregnancy was a surprise.  And my emotions of a tightly wound- nearly type A- personality were not happy about the calendar reshaping that was coming in the next nine months as we prepared for our daughter.  Our second was hyper planned.  We had gotten so good at NFP that we not only knew when we could get pregnant we also knew which day(s) would give us the best chance at having a boy.  And a boy we got.

Although I fiercely have loved both of our children while I was pregnant I have never had a reverence for the gift of the child.  I expected it.  On demand.  I believe I learned this from our culture.  Babies are to be avoided at all costs until you want one and then they are pursued no matter what the price tag. I turned 34 this year and I know that children are no longer a right. I am surrounded by so many friends… many younger than I.. that have not had so much luck.

So this child that we will soon meet has been prayed deeply for. This gift of another life… another sibling for our children… another warrior for Him has been laid at my feet. And I know with deep reverence the burden that is being placed in my shoulders to raise this child up. Please rejoice with me and pray for the light of life that has been given. God is so good!

Our due date is January 25th!  And it’s a BOY!  Join me over the next 30 days in my All About Baby posts!  Monday I will let you know what I will be packing in my hospital bag.

xo Janalin

Why I quit facebook.

Why I quit facebook

Do you ever have one of those days when you know you have to make a significant change? And you are on fire to get it done? Getting rid of my personal facebook page has been on my mind for a while now. Why? Facebook is fake. Most ‘friendships’ online are fake. Have you ever ran into a facebook friend in public and they won’t speak? Awkward. And it’s happened to me more than once.

But the fake part of facebook isn’t the only reason I un-friended 800+ people. My three main reasons:

1) You become the five people whom you spend the most of your time with.  Other than children, my internet people are the people that I spend the majority of my days with. Our human nature is to sin and facebook naturally is full of photos and status updates documenting it all. Pursuing God’s hand in my life will allow me more time to read real books, get outdoors, spend my time intentionally.

2) I thought about how my husband feels with me being ‘friends’ with so many men.  I have to admit, at first when I read this post  on Women Living Well I thought it was drastic.   But… the internet is all about perceptions.  What if one of my friends saw more into a friendship than I did? Marriage in our culture is harder than it ever has been and I want to safe guard mine in every way that I can.

3) And then this quote hit me like a ton of bricks. Time is life. These are the days of my life. What is essential?  I don’t know about you, but I want to live, laugh, taste, and feel this life. For. Real.


No, I am not advocating that all of you go to the extreme I have.  It was what I needed to do.  But if you feel compelled to edit down your friends list for any reason listed above… GO DO IT!  Freedom awaits.  ;)

And for those of you that know me in ‘real’ life… lets do lunch or a play date in the park.  I want to see YOU in person, give you a hug and catch up.  XO