Nine years. It’s our anniversary today! We got married on a Friday the thirteenth and am feeling like today is more like the “Friday” than the one when we were married.

Happy Anniversary

The FLU is here. Vomit is never welcome in our home but I feel especially exasperated when it arrives when I am pregnant. Thank the Lord that I am not sick (yet). I have been queasy for the past three days and although I should not have any morning sickness at 23 weeks it is hard to determine if it is pregnancy related, if I have a touch of the flu, or if my surroundings are messing with my head.

Vic and I had agreed to do something fun tonight. I saw that the movie War Room was playing at our local theater and suggested we see it and go out for dinner. We were kind of excited since we haven’t been to a movie since October Baby! But today, a quick dinner at home in between my loads of laundry will have to suffice… and hopefully a rain check movie date soon!


So, is it a happy anniversary? Yes, I would have to say, indeed it is! I have a wonderful husband, children to care for and love on, and a washing machine to take care of the messes. I am beyond blessed!

PS- While I was typing this a surprise arrived! A cake from my favorite bakery!!!!! (From our dear daughter.) I was totally surprised and she has no idea how much that surprise just made my day!

Anniversary Cake

How is your October going? Have you been able to enjoy this beautiful weather?


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