Blessing my Husband and my Children

Much of my change of heart to give up my “professional” career was God teaching me to look inwards. He has shown me that no matter how important I may view outside goals, the most important work is what I am doing inside my own home every day.


      1. To make our house a home. A pretty sad statement coming from a college trained interior designer. Take a peek inside my walls and you will see that my perfection disease has a strong procrastination problem. The last house I knew we were not staying in for long so I did not feel that taking the time, effort, and dollars to decorate was worth it to me. This house is in the last stages of renovation, and again… nothing on the walls. And although I am not advocating to those of you reading this that you must hang stuff all over your walls to call it home, I do believe that memory making in your home is important. (More below on that.)
      2. Simplify and organize. I thrive on things being in there place. I do not enjoy hunting, digging, or looking at clutter. And if you have kids I am sure that you understand all the stuff that comes along with. When our daughter was born I had no idea where to start… and I got a list from the internet and went shopping. I can tell you from experience that 75% is not even a necessity. For those of you first time moms that want to learn from my mistakes I will be publishing my own list of what you really need- the minimalist’s version.
      3. Make a daily schedule and stick to it. My husband would be rolling his eyes if he were to read this, but since I would bet the farm that he never does… I’ll say it out loud to you. I believe every home needs a schedule to thrive. I have ideas on what I want to include in our daily rhythm and they include basics as well as a home cleaning rotation so that I will not get behind house work. After all cleanliness is next to Godliness.
      4. Nourish our family with natural home made meals. I have slowly been in the process of re-learning everything I have done my entire life to better suit our health. That has included switching my cookware from non-stick to stainless steel to getting rid of the microwaving habit to making my own baby food. Not easy habits to break initially, but now it has become part of our lifestyle and I intend to pursue an even more organic and pure lifestyle… all of course while making it all taste delish!
      5. Put into place weekly and monthly tasks for our family record keeping. (See my memory making comment on number one above.) I am number one guilty as charged when it comes to taking photos and not doing anything with them. I have goals I need to articulate in writing that will cover each child’s baby album, our yearly family photos, vacation memories, love letters from mama, keepsakes, and art work organization. As soon as I have these implemented I will share :)


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