“Just get up earlier”

“Just get up earlier.”

That was the advice that I got from a woman at the library today. And I know she’s right. I could be a little bit more put together… my day less frenzied… if I would get up earlier. I know I should. But the honest to God truth is-

I’m. Exhausted.

And when you’re exhausted… when you haven’t slept the whole night in over a year… When you feel like you’re taking continual naps… the idea of an alarm clock is impossible.

In these last several months of exhaustion I’ve been blessed beyond measure. I have a wonderful husband, three healthy children, and so much family to be thankful for. Look at him.  This baby, who isn’t so little anymore.


Just get up earlier


This wonderful gift from God…is growing up on me all too fast. I’ve been making sure I take time to marvel in him. Marveling at every new thing that he does. Marveling at the things that make him laugh and the number of wrinkles that I have to wash in his legs. And on the days that I’m exhausted and I feel like are so long… I look at this wonderful gift.


These fleeting moments… I know how lucky I am. Many mamas that don’t get this chance. And so in this season I will be thankful. I look for the brightness in each day and I see the joy in the face of my babies. And for that Lord, I thank you.


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