Lingerie for the Modern Mom

Have you looked at the calendar?  One month until Valentine’s Day!!!  YAY!  Even though I don’t get real serious about the commercialization of the holiday I adore anything that has to do with hearts, pink, love, and emotion.  Oh yes, and chocolate.  I will buy some of that!!!  For the kids, you know :)

Lingerie for the Modern Mom

But more so than the day of Valentines, I am trying to focus February on my husband and our relationship.  It is SO EASY to get comfy, especially after kids, in the lingerie department.  You hear me sweatpants?  You are not going to be a staple anymore!!   In an effort to encourage all of us to take a quick evaluation of our unmentionables drawer I have pulled a few ideas that might give you enough time to do a quick update to your evening wardrobe before the big day next month.  And while I’m all for the super sexy lingerie that is just for hubby’s eyes, the underlying goal of this post is to help you find some cute items that you can wear around the house- in front of the kids- and whomever might stop at the door unexpectedly.

Lingerie for the Modern Mom

Chemise2e3723307b12ed5f20a0b4e417804107Satin PJs

Lingerie for the Modern Mom

Slip Gown

Lingerie for the Modern Mom

Camisole and Pant Set

If you have a favorite place to shop please link in the comments!  The more the merrier and we will all help one another out!  Happy shopping!  XO


  1. Danielle says:

    Funny…I was just internet shopping for something last night…a little Valentine’s Day gift for my hubby….where do you like to shop? I haven’t bought lingerie FOREVER!!! In fact, I don’t know that i ever have! I think it was always a gift from my man…but this time, I thought I’d shake it up a bit ;)

  2. Janalin says:

    Oooh! He will LOVE it! I am trying to budget to buy something new for several months this year, but February will be the first. I can’t say that I have a good place to shop. My mom has bought me a few things in the past but the majority of my pjs are sweats from college. ((Shudder)). I really like the first chemise pictured above and the cami/pants set that are last. Let me know if you find anything great as well!

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