Love Perseveres

LovePerseveresI don’t remember the day I quit feeling butterflies when I heard your voice… But I do remember the day when I questioned where they went.

All sorts of questions… Was I still “in love?” …. Did I marry “the one?”

The truth was I had fallen in love with the idea of you. And then years later- both of us worn down, raw and exposed- didn’t look so ideal.

But with that scrutiny I was selfish, immature and ignorant to true love.  Because “[Love] bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:8)

What I have learned since is that falling in love is followed by a choice. A choice to walk together in love. It’s a choice we have to make everyday. Real love is what God teaches us and calls us to live. “He first loved us” (1 John 4:19) and gave Himself to teach us this idea of authentic Love.

Thank you Vic  for opening my eyes to true love. Thank you loving me when I was un-loveable.  Thank you for leading me to see true love and how you are my soulmate.   I can clearly see now that we are soulmates… not because we are ‘perfect’ for one another, but because we choose to live and grow together everyday.

True love doesn’t wait. True love doesn’t withhold. True love doesn’t hold a grudge… Because when we love like Christ we do things without any expectation of return. True love perseveres.


For the next two weeks would you join me in intentionally loving your husband? No matter the state of your relationship… I challenge each one of you to join me doing simple acts of kindness to transform your marriage.  This will be the unexpected Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving!

I haven’t been on Instagram in (gasp) almost two years. I’m going to warm the account up and be posting my version of the daily challenge there :)

 2/10- Greet him with a 7 second kiss!

2/11- Make (or buy) him his favorite treat.

2/12- Do a chore that he normally takes care of.

2/13- Hold his hand.

2/14-Write down three things that you admire about him.

2/15- Spend time doing something he loves.

2/16- Brag about him where he can hear you do it.

2/17- Write him a love letter.

2/18- Put him first. Make a sacrifice for him.

2/19- Ask him for his advice. And then follow through.

2/20- Encourage him to take time to do something he loves.

2/21- Give him a massage.

2/22- Cook him his favorite meal.

2/23- Send him a flirty text. (and follow through!)


  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this. Will be following along on the days :)

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