Our Birth Story

Our Birth Story  |  www.janalinhood.comThe day began like any typical day when you are being induced. I was up only 4 hours after going to bed the night before. And although I knew I needed more than four hours of sleep prior to such a big day I could not let the home duties rest. Yes, the bags had been packed for weeks but the laundry pile was bothering me… as was the fingerprints on the front door and the dishes in the sink. I did all I could, minus putting the laundry away and called it a night.

The next thing I knew the alarm was not so kindly waking me for my shower. I stumbled into the hot steam and pondered the coming days events. Being induced is a strange thing to do. I remembered my last pregnancy and the induction and the feelings were the same. Once we had arrived at the emergency entrance I froze… didn’t want to go in and submit myself to what was to come.

We got settled and started the pitocin just a little before 9am. It was strange being all alone in the room with the man I married seven years ago. We really hadn’t been alone, totally alone, like this since our last baby was born two and a half years ago. Instead of having awkward conversations wondering what to talk about we enjoyed one anther’s company and the moments of silence as well.

By 11am my doctor came in and broke my water. I was dreading this part, as last time it seemed that the water would never stop, but it was no big deal this time. More pitocin and harder and harder contractions followed. By 2pm I was having a hard time breathing during contractions and was ready for the epidural. I was 4 centimeters.

The epidural was expected to go without incident as it had in the past. I remember looking forward to seeing the man with the medical cart more than any other person on the hospital staff. And I welcomed him with the same warmth that I had the previous two times I had delivered. Only this time it was different. Something went wrong. Possibly the local anesthetic they gave me before the epidural was inserted didn’t work… we don’t know… but all I know is that the insertion of that needle was the most intense pain I have had during any of the three deliveries I have had. Julie, my labor and delivery nurse, was compassionate and helpful. Holding my hand, wiping my tears, and not showing any sign of flight when I couldn’t keep from screaming in her ear. I seriously was contemplating changing my mind about the epidural as it took him two times and what seemed like an eternity to get it in place. But he got it done and I was relieved to be done with it.

A few hours went by in the late afternoon and I dozed while Vic patiently waited watching the baby’s monitor and the rate of my contractions. We were estimating a 6pm delivery since I had been 4cm at 2pm, but just after 4:00pm Julie checked me again and I was a very loose 8cm and totally effaced. It was going to be go-time VERY shortly. Julie started to quickly gather the things that she needed for delivery and had other staff bringing the newborn things in and I could tell that I was going to be ready soon. She had called the doctor and he arrived just at the time I was ready to push. We waited for a good contraction and I pushed for a series of two full 10 seconds, and then an additional second or two… and he was born.

Our baby boy was silent following birth and I was scared. I asked if he was okay and Dr Snider assured me he was. Daddy declined to cut the cord, saying that that was what he paid the man in charge to do. Everyone laughed and I finally got to hear our baby boy cry. Relief. They gently wiped him with a towel and placed him on my chest. This was the first time I had immediately held a newborn after delivery and was in heaven. Our newest son looked just like his brother and it was surreal thinking that we were now a family of five. I then watched as they took our little man to the table in the corner of the room and took weighed, measured, and foot printed him.

I was so very thankful everything with the epidural ended up okay. We were able to leave the hospital the following day with a healthy baby and recover at home.

The tears, the pain, the dollars, that go into having a child are so trivial in comparison to the joy they bring in return. I am on my knees with a grateful heart knowing that my greatest legacy is wrapped around the little souls of my children. Perpetually praying for wisdom and guidance to grow and shape our new son. Because these years that some call the hardest are indeed difficult and full of sacrifices. But sacrifices that in turn show us how He loves us. May this child, this gift, be pleasing to You Lord.


  1. Sheryl Toney Coss says:

    He is beautiful Janalin! As are all your children, I miss your pics so much. I loved seeing your Mom and Dad, Craig’s family I miss all of you so much.

  2. Danielle says:

    Beautiful memories of new life joining you straight from heaven. He’s beautiful!

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