Post Pregnancy Home Recovery

Post Pregnancy Home Recovery

If you are like me you want to have as many things done ahead of baby’s arrival.  When we had our first we were sent home from the hospital with a list of items to pick up at the pharmacy.  No fun when you would rather just get home!  So I have made a short list of what you may want to have on hand before baby to save an errand once your bundle has arrived.

#1)  Pain Reliever.  You will want to ask your medical professional which type and dosage that they recommend, particularly if you are breastfeeding.

#2)  Tucks.  These are awesome!  Hemorrhoids or not it will help cool and soothe the area especially if you had tearing or stitches.

#3) Peri-Bottle.  The hospital should give you one.  But in case you don’t want to pack it home or want an extra on hand, it is good to go ahead and get one.  You use these bottles filled with warm water to rinse after urination and then pat dry with paper.

#4)  Dermoplast Spray.  Spray relief right where you need it.

#5) Stool Softener.  This is a must!  Your first bowel movement will be more painful than childbirth without it.  Follow the hospital’s instructions on how much/often to take.

#6) Belly Bandit I have not used one before but am considering trying one this time.  The bandit is a compression girdle that helps your uterus shrink back to size during the first weeks following delivery.  Tell me!  Should I order one????

**And it goes without saying… you also need maxipads!  There are many great ones that you will like better than what you can remember from middle school now… Always Ultra Thin with wings are fantastic!

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