The Gift of Pregnancy

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Dear Baby Boy,

I have so many things on my mind. What still needs put away, cleaned, or done before you get here. And yet all I want to do is take photographs and soak in every minute of this miracle. How has it been nine months already? As anxious as I am to hold you in my arms I am wanting to relish in the present. The gift of you swimming inside me. The gift of your amazing brother and sister that I let stay up way too late last night snuggling in the bed with me.


Emotions are high when I think that these could be the last days I ever have a baby in my belly. The last times to feel those punches and kicks… the last days I can rub your precious little life inside me. Because I don’t know that there will be another baby… that the Lord would grant us with another.  Six years ago I couldn’t wait to be not pregnant.  To be more comfortable.  To be skinny again.  But I am older and wiser now.  Skinny jeans will come and getting up from playing on the floor will get easier.  For now, this is bliss.  I love you little fish.

XO Mama


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