Realistic Expectations

All of the pressures in the world for women to get it all ‘right.’ We have to have perfectly Pinnable birthday parties, home décor to the nines, fabulous homemade dinners on the table at 6pm every night, hair-makeup-and wardrobe that any fashionista would admire, and professional careers to show we can indeed juggle it all.

Surprisingly, after I gave up the professional interior design career I loved I found the pressures of modern day feminism begin to weigh on me. I mean… I stayed at home all day and had all this ‘extra’ time on my hands… why didn’t my life look as I thought it should?

Some of the other mom’s that I would follow through social media would make it look so easy to get it all done. The truth of the matter was that I was only seeing into the part of their lives that they wanted me to see.  Be wary of how much merit you put into social media: When you do that you are comparing your highs and lows to others’ highs. And that comparison- in any aspect of your life- is the thief of joy.

 Grace  |  Hebrews 4:16  #scripture art

Until one day I had a wake up call. A big one. One of these super-moms that I greatly looked up to posted that she in fact couldn’t get it all done. That she didn’t really have it all together like she had led her followers to believe. She admitted that while she would be greatly productive in several areas of her life that she didn’t have time to shower but a few times a week. !!Gasp!! I know there are days when showering is impossible, but that is one area that I would have never imagined she would deem unimportant. Relief. I felt forgiven.

The truth is that we all are given 24 hours in each day. How we spend them is up to us… when we take on an extra task something else has to give. In the end it is the relationships that we have in our lives that count. In the end it’s the people that matter. So today I write to you with a sink full of dishes, still in my pajamas, with trash that needs taken out and it’s ok. Because my girl tells me that I’m the “best mama ever” and have a little boy that loves to tell me how much he misses me when I leave him for even the shortest time. Soak it up, embrace the little things, and give yourself some grace. Because that, my dear, is what life is all about.

 xo Janalin


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