Summer Series Week 2: Front Landscaping

Raised Bed Gardening with Kids Summer Series 2016So second week into a blog post series and I am already going to deviate from my title.  Yikes!  But with not much going on and it being planting season I thought I would share what we are working on as well as ask for YOUR help!

Week 2 Garden Photo


Obligatory weekly photo of the garden.  The grass seems to be the only thing showing real growth!  Ha!  I hope our lawn guy, Jason, comes soon!


Knock Out Roses  But the real reason for the landscaping post… I have been talking about my front landscaping, and my dislike for the lack there of, for years now.  Two years ago I was given some gorgeous hydrangeas and planted them under our dining room window.  But the western sun has proved to be to direct on them once summer hits.  I am all about low maintenance and had read about how knockout roses were tolerant of the direct sun.  So last week after a trip to the nursery with grandma the kids came home with roses for me!  I was excited!  Front Landscaping

But here is my question for you… Where do I move the hydrangeas to?  I want to save them but they need shade.  My two choices are:  1) Under my office window (left part of the house in this photo)

2)Or in the backyard along the back fence where my peonies are.

My first thought was #2 since I really wanted uniformity all along the front of the house. BUT I will risk killing my favorite flower, the peonies, if I replant now (just as they are about to bloom.)

Your recommendations are appreciated!!!


Last year I got a old fashioned (looking) mailbox for my birthday!  We will make it pretty with some annuals this year.

RocksAnd next week I will blog about a garden project with these rocks.  Can you guess what we are painting them for?


  1. Christi says:

    I have no advice to offer despite living next door to a beautiful green house filled with lovely flowers and tiny vegetable starters. But be sure to let us know how things went with your peonies! I haven’t tried to garden since being struck down with STARI disease shortly after starting a large garden (4 summers ago) that went to rack and ruin while I slept the summer away healing from a teeny tiny tick bite.

    • Janalin says:

      I bet living next to the greenhouse is both lovely AND tempting! I would go broke! LOL! This is my third year having the peonies and this might be the first time to get more than a bloom or two. I will be moving them in the fall to a sunnier spot… I think that might help…. but for now they are staying put! :P

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