The Nursery

Setting up the nursery is one of the most fun things to prepare for baby!   When we were choosing furniture and decor six and a half years ago I also remember how intimidating it was.  There was SO MUCH cute stuff out there, and much of it outrageously expensive.  We knew we were having a girl at the time and were trying to keep it gender neutral but I was not totally able to stay off the pink-frill-train.

Fast forward a few years.  We had moved and were expecting a boy.  I put up the same pretty green wallpaper in the nursery and handsome hubby got everything moved in… but somehow it looked REALLY girly.  I was working at the time and didn’t have the time to dedicate to updating it for our little guy.  So we left it basically as it was… changed the crib sheet to blue and went with it.   The entire time I would sit nursing in the glider I would think about how I wanted to change the room, but never got to it.

This pregnancy is quickly coming to a close.  A big part of my New Year’s GOALS are to complete the rooms in our house that didn’t get decorated when we moved in sooner than anticipated.  (Note to self:  Never move into an unfinished house!)  So the nursery is first up on the list.  Here is a tour of the space in it’s current condition.

The Nursery |

The chair is a glider hand-me-down from Handsome Hubby’s great grandmother.  I love, love, love the history in that.  When we were asked if we would like to have it for the nursery several years ago it was a medium brown wood glider with hunter green fabric.  We decided to have it recovered (an awesome gift from my in-laws!) and we selected an heirloom looking quilt from JCPenney as well as coordinating skirting fabric.  This chair by far is my favorite piece in the nursery.  As you can see it is pretty pink.  I am going to try my hand at making a slip cover for this baby boy.  Something off white with a navy piping I believe!

Floral Lampshade

The lampshade I made!  This is really simple if you want to try it.  I picked up an inexpensive simple shaped shade and then placed the silk floral tips one at a time, poking a hole in the shade to set them in as I went.  You can’t beat a “fresh” bouquet greeting you in the nursery for late night feedings if you ask me!

Nursery ChandelierThe chandelier.  A gift from last Christmas that I was shocked to receive.  I had been at an estate sale in town and had fallen in love.  I most likely was swooning about it because I had absolutely no idea that it would eventually be mine.  LOVE!

Posh Tots Iron CribThe iron crib was a splurge.  I wanted to have something that would last through several children and would be an heirloom piece.  It is no longer available from Posh Tots but you can find a similar one here.  We had a crib bedding set (skirt and bumper) made to match the glider chair and I will be re-making something else that will be a bit more boy-ish this time.

Nursery ArmoireThe armoire is a central storage station since this room does not have a closet.  All of the baby’s clothing I keep folded and organized by size in the drawers of the changing table but this serves well to hold blankets,  carriers, the breast pump, toys, and a surplus of diapering supplies.

Changing TableAnd the changing table.  I need to have it  pulled to the left and move the laundry to the right (also where my trash can will be).  I like that set up because I am right handed and it makes it closer for me to reach as well as it hides the dirty laundry in the corner a bit more.

All of my furniture and decor selections were done back before Pinterest.   If you are in the planning stages for a nursery here are two of my favorites for inspiration: Lay Baby Lay and Project Nursery.

PS-  I cannot stress enough, if you are decorating a nursery for the first time-be intentional about your selections.  Babies grow out of their rooms SO. FAST.  In the blink of an eye.  Don’t overspend. Make sure that what you do select will easily work for future children or will grow with them!   Don’t stress too much… that nursery will be perfect as long as they have you to hold them and love them.



  1. Danielle says:

    love, love! the iron crib! (We have a recalled drop side crib that I wouldn’t trade (or take back) for anything!!! But…my babies may eat their way out of it before I know it!) It’s a beautiful room! You have a decorator’s gift for sure!

  2. Janalin says:

    Ours is a drop side too! And I’m sticking with it :) Thank you Danielle for your kind words! xo Janalin

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