Why I quit facebook.

Do you ever have one of those days when you know you have to make a significant change? And you are on fire to get it done? Getting rid of my personal facebook page has been on my mind for a while now. Why? Facebook is fake. Most ‘friendships’ online are fake. Have you ever ran into a facebook friend in public and they won’t speak? Awkward. And it’s happened to me more than once.

But the fake part of facebook isn’t the only reason I un-friended 800+ people. My three main reasons:

1) You become the five people whom you spend the most of your time with.  Other than children, my internet people are the people that I spend the majority of my days with. Our human nature is to sin and facebook naturally is full of photos and status updates documenting it all. Pursuing God’s hand in my life will allow me more time to read real books, get outdoors, spend my time intentionally.

2) I thought about how my husband feels with me being ‘friends’ with so many men.  I have to admit, at first when I read this post  on Women Living Well I thought it was drastic.   But… the internet is all about perceptions.  What if one of my friends saw more into a friendship than I did? Marriage in our culture is harder than it ever has been and I want to safe guard mine in every way that I can.

3) And then this quote hit me like a ton of bricks. Time is life. These are the days of my life. What is essential?  I don’t know about you, but I want to live, laugh, taste, and feel this life. For. Real.


No, I am not advocating that all of you go to the extreme I have.  It was what I needed to do.  But if you feel compelled to edit down your friends list for any reason listed above… GO DO IT!  Freedom awaits.  ;)

And for those of you that know me in ‘real’ life… lets do lunch or a play date in the park.  I want to see YOU in person, give you a hug and catch up.  XO


  1. Wow! What a great post!
    This has actually been on my mind since September and the husband and I talked about it then. I showed him this post and the other blog post and watched the video. We both ended up unfriending people on Facebook- mostly because it’s not personal.
    We’ve been thinking about the kind of environment we want for our (future) kids and we want it to be a sacred and creative place. It seems like Facebook is a show and feeds the whole media and technology generation that we (including 3 year olds!) are becoming more of. Which is scary! XO

  2. Janalin says:

    Glad this has been on your mind! Getting our minds away from things we wouldn’t normally fill them with is entirely freeing! xo

  3. Loved this post Janalin! I went on a 6 month break from all my internet stuff (facebook, pinterest, etc) and it was so refreshing! Have you heard of this e-book? theunwiredmom.com. I bought it last weekend and it’s so SO good. Anyways, thanks for this post!

    • Janalin says:

      Yes Grace! I loved it! And although I don’t have the same struggles that SarahMae does, it was a refreshing read. Thanks for stopping by and the comment! xo Janalin

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